“Climate change is an existential threat that grows more urgent with every passing day—but the good news is that we already know how to address it.
By investing in innovation and working together across every sector of society to change the ways we produce and consume energy, we can prevent the
worst impacts of climate change, create millions of good jobs, and preserve our planet for future generations.”

President Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States
Chairman of EcoBridge Impact Advisory Board*

EcoBridge is built on these foundational beliefs:

Global climate change is the
largest problem that the world will
face over the next 30 years

Addressing the challenge successfully
requires the combined skills and
specialized knowledge of dedicated
people across sectors and

Finding companies with innovative
technology solutions will create
excellent investment opportunities

The Leadership Team

EcoBridge’s preeminent leadership team is known for creating innovative
solutions and for its ability to deliver on large-scale strategic plans

Co-founder of autonomous vehicle tech firm Mobileye, largest Israeli IPO ever
Co-founder of OrCam Technologies, developer of assistive technology devices
Created Aviram Foundation to support entrepreneurs who combine cutting edge technology with social responsibility
Itai Lemberger
Founder of Bow Wave Capital Management
Partnered with Ant Group & Alibaba to build out new financial system in SE Asia
Previously founded and managed Discovery’s private technology fund
Founder of Discovery Capital Management, a macro hedge fund manager established in 1999
Previously Head of Global Emerging Market Investments at Tiger Management
In-depth knowledge of and networks throughout global, especially Asian, markets
Global Initiative*
President Clinton and two members of CGI will lead EcoBridge’s Impact Advisory Board
CGI was established to address global issues of climate change, health and wellness, and economic development
Over two decades dedicated to solving global problems and building a more positive future

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Introducing EcoBridge: Forging Technological Solutions for a Sustainable Future

*EcoBridge is creating an Impact Advisory Board to gain the insight of its members and to help the fund with respect to its analysis of climate sustainability. President Bill Clinton will serve as chair of the Impact Advisory Board, advising EcoBridge on climate impact across different political, economic and government environments. The Impact Advisory Board will be supported by the Clinton Foundation, to align EcoBridge’s investment focus with the educational and climate impact goals of the Foundation.
Disclaimer: Neither President Clinton nor the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation will provide any investment advice to the fund or will be responsible for the fund’s operations. President Clinton is not a Co-Founder of EcoBridge, but has agreed, along with the Foundation, to provide certain services to support EcoBridge’s mission, including advising on political structures, climate change issues, global trends, or making introductions to persons or companies within President Clinton’s or the Foundation’s network. Because President Clinton and the Foundation are not registered or licensed as financial professionals, the services that they will provide to EcoBridge will not include valuation of investments or making recommendations or decisions to buy, sell or hold investments. All investment advisory services provided to the fund will be performed by EcoBridge. President Clinton and the Foundation are receiving compensation for their services.

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